Seasoned Nigerians have risen to the challenge of inefficient Leadership problem plaguing the country.

Under the auspices of the Anabel Leadership Academy, a two day Nigerian Leadership Summit has been designed and targeted to provide solutions to this Nigerian Problem. The Nigeria Leadership Summit is Tagged ” Let’s Focus on Leadership”, and it is scheduled come up on Tuesday, the 11th and Wednesday the 12th of December,2012 at the prestigious Oriental Hotel,Lekki, Lagos.

Information available to us revealed that Nigeria Leadership Summit is a Platform founded, designed and managed by the Anabel Leadership Academy to provide the Nigerian public with a broader view and understanding of the challenges of Leadership in Nigeria. As well as provide solutions across the board.

According to our reporters the Initiative is informed by The Leadership crisis in Nigeria which has extended to all forms of Life including the Educational Sectors, the Corporate Sectors and the Political Sectors. The Nigeria Leadership Summit aims to provide a well thought out and pragmatic approach to providing a lasting and sustainable solution.

In the words of the organizers “We all agree that there is a crisis in Leadership in Nigeria and there is a need to address it by like-minded Individuals. We, as Nigerians, have been complaining for too long and this is now the time for ACTION. There are challenges in Leadership spread across all levels of Nigerian Life, from the Political Leaders, to our Business Leaders right down to our Community Leaders. We are even having problems with Religious and Family Leadership now with many Families and Religious Organizations feeling the strain of a failed and unfocused head of Family or Leader. In our Nation almost all the problems and challenges with our society can be traced to poor Leadership, poor Policy Implementation or weak action when the situation or the solution called for decisive Action. In our Corporations, inept and corrupt leaders are killing the spirits and dreams of our creative people, forcing them into seclusion and denying the Corporation and the Nation the ideas  and Solutions of our most innovative minds. This trend must STOP.”

The Anabel Leadership Academy will continue to promote the Nigeria Leadership Summit and going forward, they expect to provide a platform for like-minded visionary and innovative Nigerians to share positive experiences, stress test new policies and programs as well as share ideas for the way forward and a way out of Nigeria’s Leadership crisis.

Leadership solutions that are expected to improve our standards of Living, create jobs, and  put our Nation on a sustainable economic growth path will be articulated from a Corporate, Political or community stand point.

It is expected that the Organizations coming together as part of the Nigeria Leadership Summit will form a Think Tank and resource center for any Leader, Association, Government or Corporation to take their ideas and suggestions and implement them for the betterment of the Nigerian Society.

It is our understating that The Nigeria Leadership Summit organizers will work over the next few years to build a network of Nigerians who have made a conscious decision to say No to the inefficient and wasteful manner in which our community, State and National resources are being managed and our lives have been organized. And as this network of like-minded individuals grows, the idea is to ensure that their message is being heard by those in Leadership positions at all levels.

The Anabel Leadership Academy belives strongly that Leadership is a skill that can be taught in this regard they are investing in the Nigeria Leadership Summit in an effort to engage visionary Leaders, wherever they may be, and to support the process of building innovative Leaders for the full transformation of Nigerian society. According to the Academy . It is our hope that the Nigeria Leadership Summit “LETS FOCUS ON LEADERSHIP” will give those who attend a feeling of a renewed sense of purpose and give them a burning desire to change their lives, change their organizations and SUBSEQUENTLY change our Nation.

We strongly believe that for any Organizations or Corporations to improve, they must focus on the Leadership skills of its people, and the same goes for our Nation. We can only change Nigeria if we change Nigerians, one Nigerian at a time. And that is the mission of the The Nigeria Leadership Summit” and the Anabel Leadership Academy. It is our expectation that in the years ahead we will be able to grow into a Network of World Class Visionary Leaders in which the Nigerian Nation’s Businesses, Political Institutions, Communities and Families can depend on for direction and guidance into the 21st Century. We will address the challenges faced by Leaders in Business, Entertainment,  Politics, Media and Education. And we will provide solutions that the Nigerian people can hold onto and possibly change the future of Nigeria forever.

The Nigeria Leadership Summit is expected to work with identified Visionary Leaders across the board in different works of Life and give them an opportunity to define a more pragmatic approach to Leadership in Nigeria. ”

Consequently, Seasoned Visionaries and established Leaders have been penciled down as Speakers and Panellists for the two days event.

Confirmed Speakers included:

His Excellency , Donald Duke, former Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Dora Akunyili, Former Director General NAFDAC, Mr. Ben Bruce, Chairman Silver Bird Group, Dr. Ernest Azudialu-Obiejesi Chairman Nest Oil Abubakar Tafawa Belewa, (Chairman Mode Men) Dr. Sam Amadi, Chairman Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Dr. Chidi Odinkalu Chairman Human Rights Commission, Hon Jones Onyereri, Chairman House Committee on Banking and Currency Senator Ben Obi, Special Adviser to the President on Inter Party Affairs and Prince Nicholas Okoye, Former Founding Group Executive Director Transcorp Plc, Former CEO NITEL, President and CEO ANABEL GROUP, Founder Anabel Leadership Academy, Founder Nigeria Leadership Summit Group.

Prof Monsignor Obiora Ike (Motivational Speaker) Prof Pat Utomi (Lagos Business School, Writer, Entrepreneur, Corporate Leader)

Mr Tonye Cole (Group Managing Director Sahara Group) Omotola Jalade Ekeinde ( Actress, Singer Song writer, Activist) Linda Ikeji (Blogger, Journalist, Entrepreneur, CEO Linda Ikeji Blog) Ali Baba ( Comedian, Radio Personality, Talk Show Host)

Anabel Leadership Academy Presents The Nigeria Leadership Summit