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Police Killer Squad


Police Killer Squad

Divisional Police officer Mr Emmanuel I. Asufi and his killer squad (TEAM 6) 0f mile 1 police station. Port Harcourt Rivers state.

On the 3rd of july 2008 at about 9am the occupants of No. 8 chief Ejims street Rumuomasi in portharcourt Rivers state, while waiting for a bus to convey them to Bayelsa state for a burial were stormed by a bus load of armed policemen wearing mufti. In fear of their lives they took off back into the house because they didn’t know that the armed men were policemen. The DPO and his men opened fire on them and four of the occupants were shot by the police. The victims whose names are:


1)      Godswill Pakaye
2)      Mbakwe Oruama
3)      Harry Ataria
4)      Tony Oruama.

They were to go for a burial in Bayelsa that morning, and when the driver of the bus was late they called him to know what the delay was all about, the phone was answered by someone else who they thought knew the bus driver, so they gave him the directions to the house, but when the bus came the driver was not one of the occupants but DPO E.I Asufi and his killer squad (Team 6) who opened fire on them. After shooting the above named persons the policemen left with them to Mile 1 Police and  now killed two of them at the police station.

Ralatives of Harry Ataria and Tony Oruama on getting to the police station to find out what happened were told the father of Gift (the bus driver) that Gift and the boys that came with the policemen  from Rumuomasi have all been killed.

When the relatives contacted the DPO, he confirmed to them that his men went to Rumuomasi and carried out an operation as a result of information given by Gift (the bus driver). When asked to see the victims he refused. Only to be told by other  policemen at the station that Harry Ataria and Tony Oruama have been killed.

We the relatives of the deceaseds have tried to find out about the whereabout of our kin but to no avail. The commisioner of Police and the investigation officer CSP Mrs Tami Perterside have not been able to help us. They are even helping in the cover up of the matter, the shooting of innocent citizens and spurious and unfounded allegations.

Note: The so called bus driver Gift whose phone the victims called has also been killed by the same men (team 6) and cannot be called upon to be questioned.

Help us get this out, maybe we can get the bodies of Harry Ataria and Tony Oruama for proper burial.

Chief Amalala/ Damini Atalia (08037424683)
For the families.


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