A young pretty-looking girl (name withheld) was completely stripped naked and seriously manhandled recently in Orange Room Night Club Owerri for alleged stealing a man’s Black Berry mobile telephone handset.

According to an eye witness, the girl allegedly took the cell phone when the owner appeared tipsy probably as a result of alcohol intake. The source disclosed that when the girl who was seen relaxing over some drinks with the owner of the handset noticed that the man appeared drunk, took the phone and hid it in her underwear.

Sources disclosed that the lady who was said to be one of the women of easy virtue who frequent the place, did not know that the eagle eye of one of the staff in the place caught her act.

Hell was said to have been let loose when people in the place who rounded up the girl drew the attention of the owner of the phone who then for the first time noticed that his phone was missing. The line on the phone was called and the missing phone ran from the girl’s under wear.

Sources disclosed that the girl was severely beaten in a dehumanizing manner, stripped naked with some people putting their hands into the girl’s private part.

The girl would have been lynched if not for the intervention of the police who later whisked her away.

When our reporter put a call to the owner of the place, the owner simply known as Frank said that he was not aware of the incident but would make inquires from the workers in the place. Attempts to get the management of the place to confirm the story proved abortive as non of the staff wanted to speak to our reporter.

It could be observed that Orange Room is one of the fast growing popular night clubs in Owerri. Unfortunately, it could be observed that most nights between 9pm to 5am, the entry point to the place which is located along World Bank Boulevard is peopled by a lot of ladies mostly in skimpy dresses suspected to be call girls. When our reporter visited the place recently, it was discovered that most of the girls (majority of them teenagers and students) would take up to two to five thousand naira for a short stay with a man who so desires. For all night stay the price is said to be higher. However, most of the girls as reported prefer going to sleep with men in hotels than in private homes. When our reporter interviewed one of the girls seen in the entrance of the place, she said that it was safer to sleep with men in hotels because of the alleged security risk of going to people’s private homes.

It has become usual now for any body who passes along the place between 9pm and 5am to see many girls who are provocatively dressed hang at various corners waiting for callers in the place. Other things one may notice in the entrance are some men, police men who provide security and petty traders who deal in some goods necessary for callers at the place like cigarettes, drinks, indomie nodles etc.