The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has lambasted the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)for being quick to criticize President Goodluck Jonathan, over his offer to assist the United Nations (UN) with the rebuilding of its office after the unfortunate terrorist attack last year by the Boko Haram sect, noting that the party has never condemned the spate of attacks by the  sect.

Recall that recently in a statement, the CPC said “on the first year anniversary of the bombed UN building, the government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan provided N3.2 Billion to rehabilitate the UN house, made up of N2.6 Billion to start the building and N600 Million to provide temporary accommodation, in addition to promised refund of $580,000 for the treatment of victims. It did not really matter to this profligate PDP government that the United Nations, in its world-wide operations, has comprehensive insurance for its buildings and workers, even against terrorism!”

Reacting the spokesman of the PDP, Oliseh Metu said “Our attention has been drawn to a statement from the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) criticizing the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, for his humanitarian act of assisting the United Nations (UN) cope with the process of rebuilding after the unfortunate terrorist attack visited on them last year.

“While we doubt the veracity of the figures released by the CPC, it is becomes necessary to educate them that in terror related cases, no amount compensation is enough to compensate the victims of terror for their loss and sufferings which is why responsible governments always ensure that victims receives as much compensation as possible.

“If the CPC wants to betray its ignorance in diplomacy and government, it should do so on its own dime and not in a way that demeans Nigeria before the International Community as it has done by this unseemly criticism of the victims.

“Many in the International Community will indeed be wondering why the CPC does not have harsh words for the propagators of terror but choose to use its words against the victims and the government which aligns with them.

He continued “Since the advent of terror attacks in Nigeria, we do not have the CPC on record anywhere condemning them.

“We urge discerning Nigerians to note that the United Nations are in Nigeria as guests of the government and people of Nigeria to whom they have been offering selfless service for decades and it is most undiplomatic and Un African for any one, least of all a party that aspires to national governance, to criticize a gesture aimed at providing succor to a body such as the U.N which suffered from terrorism while in the service of Nigerians.

“One would have expected the condemnation to go instead to those who perpetrated this act of terrorism rather than the government that is trying to right a wrong.

“Finally, after coming up with this most retrogressive of statements, we hope the CPC will do then honourable thing and remove the term ‘Progressive’ from its name. They might as well be known as Congress for Retrogressive Change!” He said