Earlier today, in his futile attempt to defend   Mrs  Oby Ezekesili , former FCT minister , Mallam Nasir El-Rufai  derided Christians by the use of sexual epithets when referring to our Lord Jesus Christ. He simply defiled Christ on twitter.

He went overboard when, on his Twitter page,  said our Lord Jesus Christ  had sex with Mary Magdalene. We see this as a  very insensitive, irresponsible, and a offensive thing to say about Christ, and an attack on the sensibilities of Christians globally.

El-Rufai betrayed his lack of respect for our Lord Jesus Christ and obvious hatred for Christians. How else can one explain his effrontery and buffoonery when he seemingly jokingly twitted that Christ had sex with Mary Magdalene.

El-Rufai who aspires rule a multi religious nation, should have been circumspect in his use of words when referring to the sacred.

It is on record that less offensive things have been said about the Prophet Mohammed which led to loss of Christian lives.

The former minister has just told Nigerians that he lacks the decency to rule a multi religious nation, if he should display such disrespect for the sacred and thinks it is funny. His Tweet shows he is not a decent man.

He has disregarded the collective sensibilities of Christians all over the world by this very offensive reference to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr Thomas Agande