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Ekiti: No Speaker was impeached

by Our Reporter
Idowu Adelusi CPS to the Governor of Ekiti state has denied reportes that the State Speaker has been impeached.
The CPS statement read thus
”Our attention has been drawn to the news that the Ekiti State Speaker has been impeached by 7 members.
Well, I am not suppose to respond to the lies aired purposely to misinformed members of the public because the legislature is another arm of government and whatever they do in their chamber is their business and the executive arm has nothing to do with that.
If they remove their leaders and appoint new ones, that is their business.
However, to educate the public, no speaker was removed.
Nine members of the House sat today to approve the commissioner nominees, Special Advisers and the Local Government Caretaker Committees for the 16 local government councils.
There are 26 members in the House and the House standing order allows a quorum of 9 members to sit and appoint speaker plenipotentiary  to preside.
So, what transpired in the House is within the law.
APC are only being hypocritical.
APC-controlled state of Edo, we all know what is happening there.
For over a year now, the state governor has prevented the lawmakers from sitting.
He said he was going to renovate the Assembly Complex and PDP lawmakers have been meeting in the dilapidated complex, while APC lawmakers are meeting at the Government House.
Also another APC state of Rivers, the judiciary has been shut down for over a year too.”



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