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Lawyers in Aba to protest over dilapidated roads

by Our Reporter
The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Aba Branch, Abia State, says it will embark on a protest on the 23rd of November 2021 against the deplorable state of the roads in the city.

Vice President, NBA, Aba Branch, Victor Onweremmadu, disclosed that the decision was reached on the 12th of November 2021 after the Association’s general meeting.

He added that the body of legal practitioners cannot continue to keep mute while the city of Aba decays beyond recognition.

He said:  “If you look generally at the roads in Aba, especially Faulks Road, Uratta Road, Port Harcourt Road and so many important roads leading to areas with major industries in Aba, you’ll find out that Aba has been cut out into two.

“Nobody can visit Ariaria like a normal person anymore; you cannot visit Alaoji spare parts market to buy parts anymore if you have a problem. You can’t visit the building materials market at Uratta anymore. If you’re driving on Faulks Road that they told us that took billions of naira to repair, you’ll think you’re having a nightmare! Port Harcourt Road, those who are living there aren’t living like human beings anymore.”

He lamented that whenever any Aba resident visits neighbouring cities like Port Harcourt, Uyo and others, the person will realize he is in a near hell living in Aba.

“Go to any other city and drive your vehicle, by the time you return to Aba, you’ll be having sleepless nights. We cannot continue this way. I don’t know if it’s even better for Aba to have its governor or given autonomy for a mayor or whoever if possible to come and govern Aba separately because the Abia State government had failed.

“Abia State government should be ashamed of itself that Aba is in this state. The sycophants in Abia State are busy massaging the Governor that he has done this and that. What has he done?

“Look at the Ekeakpara Road that leads to Owerrinta, see how this government has abandoned it and allowed all major industries there including Guinness to suffer. That road has the largest NNPC Depot probably in the East. If you go out, and tell people you’re residing in Aba, they’ll look at you as if you’re abnormal. They’ll even pity you because to them, they can’t understand how you’re surviving.

“Why must we keep quiet? We cannot anymore. We keep quiet so that they’ll not say we’re fighting the government. We will no longer keep quiet. This time around, we’re out to correct it.”

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