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Nothing to worry about by Peter Obi’s invitation to Commission project in Rivers – PDP

by Our Reporter
The People’s Democratic Party, PDP has said it is not bothered by the commissioning of a flyover project in Rivers state by Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi as that may not be suggestive of any political motives.
The party also said nothing has changed between the position of the G-5 governors and that of the party, insisting that the aggrieved governors are still members of the party.
One of the aggrieved members of the party and Rivers state governor, Nyesome Wike, Thursday hosted the Labour Party presidential candidate where he Commissioned a flyover project. Wike also promised to help with logistics when the Labour Party holds its campaign in the state.
Speaking at the weekly briefing of the Presidential campaign council , the Director of Strategic Communication of the campaign council, Dele Momodu told the media that what happened in Rivers state today was usual.
“We don’t feel anything unusual about Peter Obi’s commissioning projects on Rivers state. This won’t be the first time and leaders of other political parties have also been invited to Commission projects by the governor.”
He also said on the issue of the governors still being members of the party, he said,  “I am not a prophet, I have no idea whether they have dumped the party or not. The day they dumped the party, they will announce that they have dumped the party, we will all know. So far so good, they are still in the party and we are happy they are in the party.
“There is still room for reconciliation, all they are saying is that they are not happy and we will continue to pray that peace will reign in the party. As for the Atiku campaign we remain steadfast, we remain focused and nothing distracts our attention.
“The specific role given to our principal was in the area of the economy we had the best under that government and he has been able to assemble the best brains at home and abroad, we are very proud and that is why he said he will continue from where he stopped and that is why we are using it to recover Nigeria.”
Momodu while also reacting to the NBS report that 133 million Nigerians are poor said, “You can’t give what you don’t have and that is why Atiku Abubakar is the best choice. What he has been able to do in public life, what he has been able to do in private life, when you look at them you will know that he is the most experienced and prepared candidate in the race today. Their is none close to him. He is the one that operated at the national level so he knows what to do immediately.”

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