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2023: Failure To Sign Electoral Bill, Signpost To APC’s Plan To Cheat Nigerians – GIGG

by Our Reporter

**Decry recent duty on drinks, Others

The Global Initiatives For Good Governance has decried the APC-led federal government’s continued refusal to sign the electoral act amendment Bill, adding that it signposted a move to clandestinely cheat Nigerians during voting.

The body also frowned against the federal government’s recent law in the Finance Act that imposes excise duties of N10. 00 on locally produced soft and carbonated drinks.

In a statement signed by its Director General, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, wondered why the presidency was in a hurry to sign on which was against the interest of Nigerians but rejected the other that would have beneficial to the nation.

The statement reads in part “In the light of the foregoing,the Electoral Act Amended bill that was passed by the National Assembly to curb electoral malpractices and sustain democracy was vetoed by Presidency out of shere sentiment. It remains a burden on the conscience of Aso Rock to have rejected the bill while at the same time rushed to assent bill to impose tax of soft drinks.

“In the sight of an average Nigerian, the major pressing factors responsible for national tragedies plaguing the country today  are caused by lapses in the operations of Electoral system which usually beget wrong leaders into political offices. A decay and social malady that have hampered the promotion of democracy in the country. The denial of presidential assent to the Electoral bill shows how weak, unfounded, derailed and lopsided our democracy has been while  it is popularly held and believed that in a contemporary society today, democracy is the sustainer of justice and fairplay.

“Wrong political decisions never propagate excellence rather they ruin and bastardize the systems.Nigerians are bitterly crying for hunger, sky rocketing food prices,dwindling economy, insecurity and all sorts of backlashes and we are here facing another economic difficulty in this recently signed bill.Global Initiatives For Good Governance as an Advocacy for Change, Justice and accountability reiterates that Nigerians are not comfortable with such unconsidered imposition of excise duty on carbonated drinks because it would definitely increase the degree of penury and starvation in the land.

“Our position which is the mind of Nigerians still remains unchanged as we continue to demand the review of such Finance Act and the possible  revisiting  and signing of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law to rebuild public confidence in Nigeria electoral system.

“Failure to endorse the Electoral bill more or less signifies hatched plans of APC led government continued  drives to support  cheating in the electoral system against the will of the citizens.”

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