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Israel-Hamas conflict: Nigerians are safe, says envoy

by Our Reporter
Israeli ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, has said Nigerians in the country as well as citizens of other countries are safe.
Israel is reeling under a deadly attack by Hamas militants who stormed the border fence under barrage of rocket fire on Saturday morning and killed more than 900 people inside Israel.

In response, Israel is carrying out a massive air and artillery bombardment of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip that has so far killed at least 687 people in the coastal enclave.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday, Freeman said Nigerians are safe, adding that the Israeli government would do everything to avoid casualties.

The envoy stated, “Everyone is safe in Israel. Nigerians are safe. We will do everything we can to avoid civilian casualties. But the civilians will get killed. We should be prepared for that.”

He also described Saturday’s attack by Hamas as the gravest since the Holocaust.

Describing the attack, Freeman said Hamas is a terror group that wants to wipe out the Israelis, but said Israel will terminate every one of them.

“Hamas are a terror group that has no mercy and has decided that they want to slaughter the Israelis and destroy the State of Israel.

“Nearly a thousand Israelis were murdered in one day. That was the gravest number of Jews killed in one day since the Holocaust.

“But, do you know it is not only Israelis? They killed Arabs, they killed Israeli-Arabs, they killed others from different countries,” Freeman explained.

The ambassador added that Israel has begun a war against Hamas, stating that it was not against the Palestinians, Muslims, or Arabs, but solely against Hamas.

He noted the Israeli forces will eliminate Hamas so that there will not be a repeat of this in Israel or any other country.

“There is no justification for Hamas to attack. They have no right to hold children and women. Their major headquarters is under a hospital in Gaza. We are focusing on ensuring that everybody is safe, and how we are going to do that is to eliminate Hamas,” Freeman said.

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