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Final Crumble of Kwankwasiyya in Kano political space

by Our Reporter
By Abba Dukawa

Rabiu Musa  Kwankwaso does not want any other person to shine. I know
Kwankwaso more than any other person. He is a kind of person that knows
everything, knows better than any other person and who is self-centred.
Whatever this man asks you to do or to pursue will be for his own
benefit not yours. “I know all his political tricks, deceptiveness and
doggedness but I endured him for all the years we weretogether. He will
never appreciate you for whatever you did to him, be it big or small.
When we contested election in 1999, ‘Wallahi’, I was his boss
because I paid for his political posters and mobilised people for him
from all the 44 local governments of Kano State. In fact, Kwankwaso did
not win the primary election in 1999, I won the election, but we were
reconciled. Ganduje said

This is a testimonial statement from a horse mouth and it is a proof of
what many peoples seeing RMK   as self-centred person. Because whatever
kadimul islam said about Rabiu Musa  Kwankwaso any right thinking person
will not dispute it having closely works together. At different time was
RMK, deputy when latter was a minister they work together.

The duo, however, drew the battle line shortly after the former handed
over to the later on May 29, 2015. Kwankwaso’s alleged quest to
control Kano government house from Abuja and Ganduje’s reported firm
resistance to godfatherism, snowballed into a deep-rooted political
rivalry, which made Kwankwaso to dump the APC and return to the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) while vowing to ensure that Ganduje is voted out
of Kano government house during the 2019 elections.

Ganduje versus Kwankwaso tussle began  accusations and counter
accusations were traded. The two principal actors initially denied
anything was amiss, but soon it became a macabre dance in the

The peoples of Kano witnessed  tussle  when Kwankwaso’s desire to
frustrate Ganduje’s second-term ambition might remain a mere dream.
Aside from his tussle with Ganduje, Kwankwaso had dumped the APC for PDP
to pursue his presidential ambition and ultimately to create a platform
and recruit a lieutenant, with whom to dislodge Ganduje from Kano
government house.

Even at the peaked of tussle, Governor Ganduje remains focussed on
delivering democracy dividends to Kano peoples and  has not only kept
faith to his promise  of continuing the projects and policies of his
predecessor, he had moving on to conceptualisation and consolidation of
his own projects and policies. While Kwankwaso was deluded by his  rise
to political limelight and his rabid followers do not help matters as
they have spun a myth around him that he wears shoes made of metal and
he could tread on the toes of all – the mighty and the not-so-mighty.
He even presumed to be undefeatable leader: he can do and undo, he can
make or mar, he can give power to whomsoever he wishes and wrest power
from whomsoever he wishes. Kwankwasiyya has now crumbled like a pack of
cards and the domino effect will extend to remaining supporters

Out of his  tricks aimed at making  Ganduje’s administration failure
over N350 Billion debt left behind by   Kwankwaso’s administration. Debt
cuts across contracts for uncompleted flyovers, roads, and the
controversial foreign and local scholarship scheme, which amount to over
N15 billion. This is not to count the ordinary citizens, civil servants
and pensioners who suffered varied indignity during his second tenure
between 2011 and 2015.Madugu  borrowed  N4.161 billion from the pension
fund to build Bandirawo and Amana Housing Estates and  Ganduje’s
government is still paying the debt.

As it could be power intoxication that  pushed  Sen. Kwankwaso  to dare
Governor Abdullahi Ganduje,  really its , power intoxicates.  And it
appears since than  he  loses his bearing after a sip. Indeed, his
hunger to remain perpetually in power, by proxy or otherwise. RMK not
leant that many  political elite loses their bearing after a sip.
Indeed, they hunger to remain perpetually in power, by proxy or
otherwise.   Many Peoples wishing to witness this day that where Madugu
lose out in the tussle for supremacy of Kano politics.

Like  as the farsighted Kawana in 2019  elections voting  out  red cap
puppet  candidates by extension RMK out of controlling state politics.
As popular saying any person will reap what he sow, everyone knows that
Malam Musa Gwadabe and Senator Hamisu Musa are   Kwankwaso’s
political godfather before they parted ways after Kwankwaso had realized
his political ambition and subsequent stardom, DaudaDangalan, the late
Muhammad Abubakar Rimi  and even some nondescript but rising politicians
who sacrificed their energy, time and resources for his political glory
only to be later discarded them into the dustbin.

For those who closely follow the political antics of , Senator Rabi’u
Musa Kwankwaso, they know that he is always fond of revelling in the
political misfortune of others and he can go to any length to dig a deep
hole for his perceived political enemies to fall into.  Kwankwaso was
able to  cajoled the former deputy governor of Prof Hafiz Abubakar  to
resigned  on the promised that he would give him the gubernatorial
ticket of the main opposition party only to pick his anointed son-in-law
who is well-known as a puppet political

Still Kwankwasiyya supporters counting the lost of heavyweights backers
of the  movement as Rabiu Sulaiman Bichi and other  of the state have
demonstrated their resolved in freeing themselves from bandage of
Kwankwasiyya. Rabiu Sulaiman Bichi is undisputable closet allay of Rabiu
Musa  Kwankwaso who choice being  him at the expense of  his
Secretaryship to the state government at the onset of tussle for
supremacy of Kano politics. When Madugu left APC  joined other
senators headed by Senate President Saraki back PDP Bichi followed him
and became Kano state PDP chairman in the state till accepts the offered
of hand of friendship extended to them by Governor UA Ganduje after Apex
court ruling which affirmed his election. With RSB decamp  to APC is
just like moving back to the fold of his  20 years political associate
and it’s   mean  Kwankwaso  have completely became political irrelevant.

These are the peoples that makes Kwankwasiyya   political dynasty to
reach its peak with all Madugu closest left him. Its seem like
Kwankwasiyya  have reached the final stage of its active life circle.

Political observers believe that , Senator  Kwankwaso  taking all  his
political associate of over 20 years granted and allowing himself yo
think he can do and he can do and undo, he can make or mar, he can
decide what best for them.  In Kwankwaso’s recent interview which was
aired by many radio stations in kano and which was  believed to be
responding to Ganduje’s outburst while receiving PDP chairman and a
leader of Kwankwasiyya Rabiu Bichi and other members at Government

In some part interview,he was trying to identify himself as a defender
of traditional institution while peoples will not forgotten when  led
the state  between 2011 and 2015. The same   traditional institution has
not been spared from the sharp tongue and disrespect and what  is more
painful is that his blind followers see nothing wrong in what he does or
says. The business community in the state bear the brunt of
Kwankwaso’s mischief as his policies while at the helm of affairs
retarded commercial activities rather than promoting commerce for which
Kano has been well-known since time immemorial. But one funny and
laughable now Madugu turns defender traditional institution.
Its now indisputable Ganduje is on total control of state political
spice during and after 2019 gubernatorial  and rerun  elections have
shown that the vaunted strong political base of Kwankwaso as majorly
constituted by the youth is nothing but a shaky foundation on which the
house of Kwankwasiyya has been built. If you want to dig a hole of
mischief, make it very shallow” for you do not know may be you are the
one that will fall therein. RMK now is  into political eclipse  In the
whole of this twists and turns, Ganduje appears to be consolidating his
own political base.

Dukawa is  journalist and public affairs commentator  can be reached at

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