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Senator Bassey Albert, Akwa Ibom and the crumbling Schemes of detractors

by Our Reporter
By: Edet Okon
Akwa Ibomites good morning and thanks for your good job done in propagating our struggles and efforts so far. Keep on working without looking back. God has never failed. Certainly, no matter the the amount and volume of money poured out into the public space, God would rescue this State from the hands of our Oppressors.

It would shock them beyond imagination. Already their camp has shaken from the foundation. They are indeed threatened and becoming sleepless. They never expected, God would provide a platform for the actualization of His will.

They never expected the platform would be the one that would be widely accepted across party lines within a short space as it’ existence. Our support based is genuine, spontaneous and natural without inducement. The people of Akwa Ibom State are monumentally disillusioned and dissatisfied over poor performances, lobbsidedness,  incompetence and sectional leadership of the present government.

We would be emancipated from May 29th 2023. All their venoms, attacks and missiles hauled on the Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert will come to nothing. Of course, you can see while OBA,s campaign is issues based, their are aimed at inciting the public against the young man who is focused with his eyes on the ball.

The emergence of OBA-AMBA on the YPP platform has brought nightmares to the current residents of the Hilltop Mansion. Their satanic plots and schemes are against OBA, OBA and OBA. They are saying over their dead bodies OBA can’t be the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

They did everything to implicate him in EFCC, they failed, they spent billions to stop him from having a platform to run, it failed. They paid hugely to stop his name from being published in the portal of INEC as a Candidate, they failed, they paid certain elements to stop OBA from being decorated by the President and Commander In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Commander of the Order of Niger(CON) they failed.

There’s something divinely and spiritually happening that they have not seen or understood yet. Exactly what happened to Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar etc in the Bible would happen to them.

The David and Goliath episode is reinventing itself in Akwa Ibom State in 2023 and it would also shock Nigeria in Peter Obi’s case. Nigeria is set to be reset. It would look like a dream to thousands and millions.

PDP in the State during the their Gubernatorial Campaign Flag off met an empty Stadium and they were physically demoralized and shaken. What we saw were the few female youths and some women owned by their owners. People own those women and the female youths who were truck loaded there for their poverty income of #500.

Three of the PDP chieftains who witnessed the event at the Stadium from different Local Government Areas corroborated it that the stadium was virtually empty.

Udom Emmanuel’s agent and SA who calls himself Rev Peter of African Church who is supposed to be working under the guide of a more senior Priest has been criminally, callously and infectiously invading our Principal’s wall with his infections against this focused and divinely ordained leader destined to take over this State for good.

OBA is on a platform of basically unknown party, the Young Progressives Party (YPP). This Party has no father, mother or uncle at the National or anywhere, yet it is making waves on a daily basis in Akwa Ibom State!

Why are you disturbing yourselves enemies of progress! OBA is loved, liked, appreciated and cherished because of his goodness and respect for all classes of people!.

Your Party is a religion according to you, the YPP is a prayer house, why the nightmares and sleeplessness in your coven?. OBA sings it pains them. He dances it pains them, what is the problem with these guys?.

State Treasury is in your hands, you own and control governmental arsenal, apparatuses of government, all government facilities are in your custody, why get frightened about a man who is as gentle as a dove who goes about presenting his blueprints to the Akwa Ibom people in all the nooks and crannies of the State?.

God gives him his gifts, the same God had also given you yours, why are you attacking him for what God has blessed him with?. Sir, don’t you know, you are attacking God who endowed him with these gifts?. As Deacon, Pastor and Revd that you are, haven’t you read in the Bible that says ” He whom God has blessed, nobody should curse?”

All efforts and the energy exerted to dwarf this young man have made him stronger and more focused. If I were you, I would have returned to God in prayer and fasting. Or go to visit a real Prophet of God with a contrite heart of penitence. Be humble enough to carry out this exercise solitarily and see why God would not guide you out of this troubled water.

Your Excellency, why have you suddenly forgotten OBA of four years ago?. In January this year, when the Distinguished Senator Bassey Albert Akpan (OBA) did a Thanksgiving Service to appreciate God for His faithfulness over his life and that of his family, you poured encomiums with flowery languages on him in the presence of the Senate President and other Shakers and Movers of Nigerian political space who came in large number to honour this great son of Akwa Ibom State.

You said you came because of him and his antecedents positively in the lives of Akwa Ibom people. You described him as your brother who has excelled in all ramifications and who deserves to be applauded, appreciated, and accorded honour.

God indeed recorded your words and truly OBA would be honoured on the 29th May, 2023. You spoke as a leader that day and you blessed him with your words which can’t be withdrawn Your Excellency.

Your Excellency, OBA withdrew from the PDP primaries and you allocated one vote to him in his absence. You allocated three votes to your good friend and best man during your marriage, Akan Okon and the 3 votes allocated to Akan Okon have turned out to be the greatest albatross on your neck politically.

The three votes have brought the greatest political scandal on your preferred Candidate, Pastor Umo Eno and Akwa Ibom State of all States. The three votes have drained Akwa Ibom treasury. The three votes have made Akwa Ibom State a laughing stock in Nigeria. The three votes have given the Judge in charge of the matter sleepless nights. The three votes have made the Judge restless.

Allocation of votes negates biblical and spiritual injunction. “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you”. You allocated over nine hundreds votes to a Bible believing Pastor and he celebrated it. For sure I know, if you had known the allocation of over nine hundreds votes to a Pastor would ridicule the Pastor in question, rubbish the State in the eyes of the world, give OBA a stainless platform to provide Akwa Ibom people alternative, you would have allowed the primaries on the level playing ground for all the Contenders.

“If the people called by my name would humble themselves and pray, I the Lord would hearken to their voice”. But why God won’t hearken to your voice or voices is that, Deacon and Pastors had murdered sleep, that’s why sleeplessness has engulfed the Hill Top Mansion.

God can’t be mocked. You can still correct the wrong by allowing the people of Akwa Ibom State choose their next Governor. I know it’s beyond you now, it’s better late than none.

God has on countless occasions revealed the next Governor of Akwa Ibom State to you, but the Ahithophels, Tobiases and Sanbalats around you are always there early to water down the revelations. Sir, know that, God is God and He is not a man.

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