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Akume, Aondoakaa alleged  Fulanization agenda, another deception from the opposition 

by Our Reporter
Former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Chief Michael Kaase Aondoakaa, SAN has debunked the allegation that the leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue State Senator George Akume and himself have budgeted N10 billion for a Fulanization agenda of the state.
Chief Aondoakaa who is aspiring for  APC 2023 governorship ticket for Benue State in a statement said the allegation being peddled in some social media was simply a laughable political distraction that does not worth their time.
He said that his loyalty to former President Umaru Yar’Adua should not be misconstrued to mean that he is an agent of Fulanization, hence the late Head of State never pursued any of such agenda.
He however alerted his supporters that they will continue to witness more of these vendetta-type political attacks against his person in the days ahead as they march towards year 2023.
According to him, “My antecedents and pedigree on the political scene are well known to all. My faithful allegiance to our great country and to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when I served as a member of the Federal Executive Council under the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, GCFR was not in doubt.
“By the grace of God Almighty, and to the best of my knowledge and my ability, I extended the same unwavering loyalty to my late principal, President Yar’adua, whom I served not as a Fulani President but as the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Indeed he is attested to by every segment of this country as true national patriot. I see him as my hero, too.
“It is unfortunate that any confused and idle mind would attempt to twist these political footprints of mine as a yardstick to create an imaginary “Fulanization Agenda” with a budget of N10 billion!! Please, if there is anything of sorts, count me out. I would rather have anyone consider my strong, resilient and uncompromising loyalty to my country, Nigeria, her Constitution and to President Yar-Adua in addition to my personal capacity and competence as needed qualities to stand for my party and the good people of Benue State.
“I have no regrets that I served with absolute loyalty to the late President to enable him provide servant leadership; in addition, we used the opportunity to provide quality jobs to all Nigerians, including my people of Benue State; and I remain prepared to always consider the interest of Benue State first in all my endeavours without compromise for our common good.
“I wish to call on our great party the APC, our teeming supporters and associates as well as well-meaning people of Benue State to remain resolute and steadfast in rejecting such backward and retrogressive wild imaginations from detractors, mudslingers and political opponents, who are seriously threatened by the popularity of our leader, the Honourable Minister Senator Dr  George Akume and my humble self as we look forward to covering all grounds in order to clinch every position available to us for the good people of Benue State.”

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